Monday, August 24, 2009

What is Love?

Love is an all permeating energy which is far above what humans consider as mind. Within love itself, there are different octaves of existence. It is the greatest energy of the universe(s). It is natural, all-pervasive, greater than human understanding but yet it can be contacted and active in our lives. This energy can be found deep within us. It is an energy that will transmute and raise the vibrations of all the basic life forces. It is a power that is not understood.

Many of us are intimately involved in healing work. Miracles are actually a correct use of prayer. We are transmitting energy from the Unseen to the seen through the power of love. The ancient Yogis call the energy, "Prana" or "The Universal Life Force." I call it the Mother-Creative Energy, the Holy Spirit. The carrier of this energy is pure Love. It is possible to transmute disharmony through the introduction of harmony. For us who care, we must be diligent and work on our own personal purification. It is then that we can offer a greater and continual service to others. In other words, work on ones self first and then apply the understanding, the enlightenment in selfless service to others. I am not talking about emotion as it is commonly understood. What is required is a developed right state of awareness that will radiate to another in a very practical manner. We need to learn how to use power correctly.

To be successful, we need to break away from allowing the five basic senses to control our behavior and body. Pure love is objective not possessive. It can love something but not necessarily like it. Pure love is an energy to be used to heal, raise up and bless. When we are filled with pure love, we are radiating its power when we are awake or asleep. It is a natural part of who we are. Everything responds to pure love. I have found plants and animals to be very receptive. There is an invisible life occurring in your indoor plants and outdoor gardens. I have a river walk behind my home that I truly am thankful for. It is such a pleasure to appreciate and send love to all the life along the path both seen and unseen. The feeling that comes over me is nature's response and the best word to describe it is love.

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