Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Reminders: Physical & Spiritual

I don't think I'm going out on a limb or that I would surprise anyone when I say we may be going through some very difficult times in the next few years. We can weather the storm as a nation and as an individual if we remember to be responsible. It is during times like these when many of us are adjusting to changes in finances or social and working environments that it may not always be easy. But trying to deal with any of this additional stress or uncertainty can become overwhelming when the body is failing us as well. Never before has it been more important for us to remember to focus on how to maintain and preserve our health. Various attacks and propaganda aimed at vitamins, herbs, supplements, and other natural therapies just don't go away. Hopefully, alternative therapies will not be restricted or curtailed similar to what is happening in other countries around the world. My first reminder is the importance in being responsible for our own health particularly now during these uncertain times.

The second reminder is to remember you are loved, deeply loved by forces that you may not see. Many people have difficulty understanding and accepting the truth that they are loved by the guides, angels, luminous beings and yes, departed loved ones and friends. We are never alone although our five senses tell us we are. I know it may feel safer for some of you not to allow this love to manifest in a personal way because there may be a lingering fear that it will leave you or you are not worthy or you do not wish to be disappointed. Spirit does not desert us. We desert It. We all to frequently shun the very Light and beauty of our celestial friends because they are not seen and in some cases not felt. At least one angelic presence is with you at all times. Learn to rely on a higher love that is available for you and allow a bond to work for inner peace, comfort, confidence and genuine happiness. I know our spirit friends love us more than any words can express. The greater our understanding and closeness with this truth, the more openly they are in taking action when we ask for help. Trust and you will discover that you have a beautiful, intelligent and loving team behind you. Be at peace with this for it is from the Light~

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