Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do You Know How to Receive?

I've been thinking a great deal about the seriousness of the financial situation for many very good and beautiful souls. They are either out of work, have gone through their savings for one important reason or another, filed bankruptcy or simply cannot buy gas for the car or easily put food on the table. What is wrong? Why does this frequently happen to people who are caring, love the Creator and do their best to live as radiant light in form? First, I reviewed all the wealthy people that I know and they typically are into their own comfort and efforts increasing materiality. Their focus is material wealth and respecting money for what it can do for them. It is a rare materially wealthy person who will give someone in dire need a loan. That is one of the reasons they remain wealthy and those who are always giving to others frequently experience financial shortages. I am speaking from not only observation but personal experience. I've only known one wealthy individual who would freely give cash to someone in need without any strings attached and that was my late uncle. He gave to firemen, policemen, anyone and everyone who had a need.

Our reality becomes what we focus on. When a human begins as an infant, it is totally dependent and for survival it receives. Once a soul is entrenched in the energy of receiving and not yet giving, it remains as a beginner in soul consciousness. Our five senses are "programmed" to serve personal interests. It is only after a soul has been on a journey for a period of time that it begins to expand consciousness and sincerely desires to give and share with others. We were created with an endless, infinite desire to receive but something wonderful happens along the path. The soul decides it would like to be a Creator and give. We desire to be like the Creator. Lovers of a higher consciousness desire spirituality and usually do not strive for wealth.

Now, what is strange about this process is the fact that so many good souls become caretakers, givers exclusively and forget about receiving. They have to learn all over again how to receive. Altruism is about being one with others, united with them. For many loving souls, they go to an extreme and neglect their own future welfare in their desire to serve. This is not balance. Think about it. For a complete perception of anything, we need to first be complete within and in our environment. Many good people ignore and do not honor their own energy, time and space. If you are a caretaker in the true sense of the word, think about this. Don't neglect your comfort in your desire to serve. How can we be filled with joy if we do not honor our own energy? Yes, we want to be like the Creator and continue to give to others as one way to give to the Source of our creation. We must also take control over our own environment and respect our life force.

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