Thursday, August 27, 2009

Days and Nights of Fear

A special friend and I shared our feelings about the subject of fear over lunch. Strange place to discuss negativity but our feelings needed to be expressed. There is such a strong accumulation of fear in today's world that the majority of people our blind to what the real battle is and why it is occurring. This is a long period where we who understand must put our bravery to the supreme test. I have traveled consciously out of my physical body above the Earth and found myself many times exploring completely alone in the Cosmos. There is nothing to fear. What we need to armour ourselves against through a direct connection with the Divine Forces is with the right kind of knowledge. The right type of knowledge dispels fear and overcomes all the lies and nonsense that is being hurled at souls who are not alert to the danger of succumbing to the negative influence of the dark forces.

If any of the religions were truly followed, there would be no weapons of mass destruction and hateful desires to harm others. The Master Teachers through the cycle of ages have given us Great Laws in which true protection...enlightenment, is discovered. If we allow ourselves to be fearful, we are falling prey to the most powerful weapon of the darkest forces. These forces are not solely in the lower astral realms; they exist in human form here on earth. You can break away from their insidious influence by delving deep within yourself and discovering your true identity as a spiritual light, a being of power and creative intelligence. Stop and analyze accusations heard on the news and everywhere else and do some deep thinking. Fear is a state of mind. You have a choice to fall prey or change the warped mental condition and get your act together. Fear can be transmuted through understanding of universal laws, compassion, love and enlightenment. To discover a higher reality and transmute the dark ignorance, we must make every effort to draw out the latent powers within and bring them actively into manifestation on earth.

A state of mind can be changed at once for good or evil. Certainly you have had moments of clarification when a shift occurs that immediately changes your perspective. Acquire the right kind of knowledge and a good and permanent shift will be your experience. When we rise above the fears and uncertainty, falsehoods and manipulations, we also rise above our environment and our outlook is transformed. A healing begins that moves us decisively forward in our climb up the ladder of soul evolution. We are counting on you to do your part in this life altering drama. This is why we are on planet earth at this auspicious time~

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Good one on enlightenment and it helps a lot.

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