Friday, August 28, 2009

The Initiation of Service

I did mention the other day that if we experience an overload in the area of giving we may miss out in receiving. The message of course is to try and achieve a happy balance. Real service is freedom from selfishness. This is a learned attribute. In the past, serious students seeking enlightenment would go off to an isolated place and spend hours in solitude and meditation. I followed that practice when I was thirty-nine years old for several years. It is true that deeper meditative states are gained through this process but times have changed. It is far greater to attain such a deep meditative state and surrender it in order to serve in a practical manner among mankind. Recently, experiencing a rather extreme fast, I meditatively traveled all over the world below and cruised the cosmos above. This is all well and good and a greater understanding of the science of Light and the ladder of Evolution is achieved. The complete experience is to share the Immensity and live as a full consciousness in the gross physical body. This is the way I have tried to live for thirty-nine years...experiencing a full memory of an upper world, so to speak, and trying in my own way to share the lessons, truths, opportunities and probabilities with those who are receptive here on earth.

When our oneness with all life is thoroughly understood, we free ourselves from any future gross limitations. We choose where and how we return to earth if that is our desire. This is one way to remove future suffering. Being conscious that we are one cell in an enormous unlimited and intelligent Body that is one indescribable and great limitless whole. We serve by honoring our individual body temple, by choosing to remove lower aspects of ourselves that work against the divine plan. We serve by not being attached to things, places, people and animals. If we detached ourselves from our own worries and pain, we serve our best interests and the imbalance will heal. The more we dwell on personal problems, the worse they become. There are countless ways to serve.

There is a complete soul history on every one of us. The history of our choices, thoughts and actions are impressed upon the etheric waves, our own auric bodies. Many people are concerned regarding judgment and the law of Karma. Actually, judgement is self judgement. We review what we have written upon the pages of life. The greatest Yoga is service. We could include religion and acts done as part of the greatest Yoga. No one can attain Enlightenment unless he or she serves. When we unselfishly serve, our chakras are activated. Inspiration is offered to us. We need to understand that service is the result of applied spiritual logic. Serve the highest part of who you are and your service towards others will flow magically because you are remembering spirit identity and the purpose of life. It is our responsibility to serve ourselves by deliberately making corrections of our mistakes physically, emotionally and mentally. We don't retreat from suffering, we address it by sustaining a state of joy and peace within ourselves. True giving is to give healing or assistance to those we dislike. Visit your inner wilderness that holds no restrictions. Visit the point of the heart every day and bring forth nourishment for your own stability and the stability of others.

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