Monday, August 31, 2009

Snatches of Wisdom from the Kabbalah

Since so much that is said in the teachings of the Kabbalah are in harmony in a very practical way with the hundreds of articles, couple books, workshops and lectures that I have shared over the years, I feel it is appropriate to mention some excellent points that will likely support your present understanding of purpose and plan. Kabbalah wasn't always popular and strict rules decided who could study it. During the last decade of the twentieth century it became center stage in the area of public awareness. More people are asking the old question, "What is the meaning of life?" The fact that Kabbalah is a practical discipline will help any one willing to use the suggestions.

The well-being of each part depends on the well-being of all other parts of creation. More of us have come to this conclusion naturally and the desire to stop destroying ourselves, the planet and Her life has become an important issue with us.
Kabbalah has always had a reputation of possessing insight into the highest forces of nature, of the spiritual worlds and of the nature of God. Actually, Kabbalah is not a religion, magic, mysticism, divination, cult, holistic medicine, meditation, philosophy, theosophy, psychology or parapsychology, ESP, telepathy, dream interpretation, tarot cards, yoga, red strings, holy water, blessings, past-life regressions, numerology, reiki, channeling, astrology, astral travels or projection
or communicating with the dead, out of body experiences, voodoo,freemasonary, reflexology, UFO's, creationism, Sufism or any ism. Now that I have mentioned all the areas many of us are already interested in and Kabbalah is not, why bother writing about the subject?

Kabbalah is not a passing fad; it is time-tested. It is a practical method to understanding human nature and the nature of the Creator. The word Kabbalah means reception. It is also a discipline of study, a method that teaches us how to receive. The wisdom teaching helps you to know where you truly are in relation to where you think you are. It has its own methods to help you rise above the five senses and develop the sixth sense. Kabbalah doesn't take you away from anything you presently believe in or enjoy doing. It simply offers a whole new meaning and strength to everything that happens to you so life can be lived to its fullest. It is simple to understand and practical. If you are interested, stay with me this week as we look at reality as an embroidery that you are creating~

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