Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Receive-Discover the Force of Giving

A some of the material I am sharing with you is from the works of Rave Michael Laitman PhD put into my own words and experience. If you are interested in pursuing more than what I am offering in the days ahead, please check out his numerous books on the hidden wisdom of Kabbalah. A basic concept in Kabbalah is to understand that there is only a single force---the force of giving. But in order to receive that force, we must create something to receive what it gives. The giving force is the Creator and it is the creation or created being who receives. We discover the creator through receiving. But to be able to do this, we must understand the law that governs nature. Understanding the law of nature, which is God, will help us predict, change, disclose and reveal why certain things happen to us. I have discovered that through understanding nature, I can expand and know far beyond the boundaries of the five senses. Many of you are having the same beautiful experience.

Reception in Kabbalah is all about perceiving the spiritual world. Although it remains invisible to people who have not expanded their consciousness to a particular level of unfoldment, it is visible once they do. Everyone has a another sense within. Some call it the sixth sense. It really isn't a physical sense but it does open the door to perception to the Cosmos and our purpose in being. When we transcend the boundaries of the five senses and are able to perceive the spiritual worlds of light, what we perceive is shown or experienced through our intention. Many people refuse to study the Kabbalah because they feel it is too complicated. It really is simple once you know it. It explains that the Creator is benevolent and has the desire to give us endless, infinite pleasure. The Creator wants to give to us but the appearance world makes it very difficult to grasp the great significance behind the intention. Yes, we were created with a will to receive pleasure but somewhere along the line from experience and observation, we misconstrue this amazing thought of creation.

We do have the capability, potential and even unconscious desire to connect with the Creator and to receive goodness. In practice, the typical human is selfish. So, there is a gap in the way I see this process between the Giver and the receiver. There is a gap because it is more typical for a human to take, take and take. It becomes obvious that this immense problem of extreme egoism needs to be corrected. Our Creator desires to give to the creation but the creatures usually only want to receive.

Eventually, hundreds, thousands of years later, the will to receive evolves in creatures and they also magically discover the joy of giving. In giving, the creature become like the Creator. The children become like the parent(s). Once we really become immersed in the happiness of giving we become altruistic. We could conclude by saying that deep inside of us we would love to be a creator god, a Santa Clause, a giving being. There are also people who struggle trying to actually learn how to receive. What we are doing in human form is learning how to live on earth as a creator. Altruism is about being one with others, united with them. Gratefully, we are experiencing more of this amazing and expanding consciousness during the present earth cycle. Warning... Those of us who naturally give all the time, sometimes fall into a pattern where we do not allow ourselves to receive our good. Watch out for this possibility. Always honor your own stability and inherent right to receive. This is a must if we wish to remain balanced.

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