Monday, September 21, 2009

The Importance of Being Stable

When we are stable, we are healed and in a position to help heal others. To be balanced includes giving sound encouragement and strength to those who are depressed and weak. The result is an emitting of a dazzling beam of scintillating white and vibrant energy into the darkness of a suffering world and raising it. If we do not attain stability, self-delusion will occur. The new approach to enlightenment is to simultaneously work on self and be of service to others. In the past, serious seekers would go off by themselves into the wilderness and retreat from life. The cycle we are experiencing right now demands that we serve in a practical way that benefits many. To gain and express understanding, give service to the highest part of who you are and the highest part of others. This is a challenge but it is true soul service.

The greatest gift you can give to self and others is wisdom. Greatest crime is to cause confusion in the minds of others by giving them false teachings. Incorrect teachings hold the soul back. In my way of thinking this is the anti-Christ. Every person who instills fear, hate, division, doubt and twists the teachings of the great ones who have exampled stability is an anti-Christ. The wisdom teachings are distorted by twisted minds who lack stability. Anyone who acts as a guide, a teacher, is responsible for the souls who receive his or her teaching. What we express to others, we are responsible for. This is a Law. Think of all the falsehoods programmed into trusting minds for ages.

When we physically die, we are the same person on the other side of life. We leave our bodies with all the characteristics, yearnings and hopes that we possessed while on earth. Our interests pass with us from the earth plane to another subtler plane. We will live in full consciousness, in full memory of the life we just left but on another vibration. There possibly can be lessons for us to learn on the new plane. How we have acted in this present materialistic life determines the level of consciousness we attain in the next realm and also while waiting rebirth again on this earth. The goal is to attain stability now so we do not cling and repeat false beliefs and conditions as we continue on our return journey to wholeness.

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