Friday, September 18, 2009

The Benefits of Service

Service can be offered in many different ways. To really serve, you must slay selfishness and gradually overcome the lower material aspects. In other words, get out of the cellar and climb several levels. One way to serve is to face and burn up your lower karmic aspects. You would be serving your higher Self, the innate royalty. If you insist on right action in your activities, you build a temple, force field, with a very strong foundation. This is another form of service. If you would free yourself from the materialistic prison devised to enslave you, you would serve. If you learn to detach from your own petty worries, you would serve. If you would enjoy better health, you would serve the body, mind and soul.

If you would genuinely prepare your self to receive more radiant Light and create a better world, you would serve. If you would remain true and consistent to your inner self, you would serve. When we do not learn how to do these things, we set limits upon the rebirth process. When you eat, why not look at it as an offering to the God within you? The healthier your body, the more control you gain, the more you will bathe in the Light of the Pure Spirit. Deliberately break away from your own troubles by helping the suffering of others...but watch the emotionalism aspect of this. Regardless of the nonsense going on around you, walk with head held high. It is a battle because all of us are walking in the midst of many levels of soul evolution simultaneously living in matter, all here and at the same time.

Kill possessiveness; it does not serve the soul. Transmute selfishness into service for others. You will be enlightened, practicing true selfless love and the chakra jewels in your higher energy fields will pour inspiration through you. Service is the result of applied spiritual logic; it is love in practical action. Not only will your inner Self benefit and enlightenment emerge, you will be recognizing and serving the God in others. Have a healing weekend~


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