Monday, September 14, 2009

Giving, Receiving and Service

I offered a Circle of Light class yesterday and felt a few highlights would be appropriate to share for those who could not attend. We were talking about freedom and how we are programmed at birth: society, values of those around us, influences compelling us to do things a certain way. So many souls temporarily get off the path and purpose due to family and environmental influences. Reading this, you already know that a higher purpose and nature cannot be perceived through the five senses and ego. So to rise above conditioning and awaken the forces of divine love and wisdom, we must reach the varying forces beyond space and time. I mentioned how vital it is that we do not allow the feelings and problems of other people to throw us off center and at the same time grasp the idea that other people's issues can actually assist us in breaking away from the five basic senses.

Never allow anyone to invade your stability, your good sense of self, because feeling sorry for them and their weaknesses doesn't benefit either one of you. Love can turn into a negative force if we enable a person out of sympathy. We have to learn our own lessons. Scripture states that 'It is God's good pleasure to give to His creation'. Humans are like children who refuse to receive advice and goodness from parents, authority figures and friends. Be an example and do your best to understand another but do not cripple the other person by always giving them what they think they need to be happy. Things and happiness are temporary at the materialistic level. Stop saying yes to any form of manipulation even though the other person's suggestion sounds reasonable.

The question you will be asked by your higher Self after physical death is, "Did you use your energy correctly?. This is a powerful question to ask your self every night before you go to sleep. One of the main reasons we are on the planet is to correct our mistakes. When the intelligence leaves the physical body, it leaves with all the characteristics, yearnings and hopes that it possessed while on earth. If you are interested in soul evolution, the desire passes with you from the earth plane to another subtler plane. When we physically die, we still inhabit a physical body although it is made of a different and finer substance. We still live in full awareness, in full memory of the recent life in the new vibration. There may remain lessons to be learned in the new environment. How we have behaved in this present materialistic life determines the level of consciousness we attain in the next vibratory realm, particularly while waiting rebirth again on this earth. As the soul evolves, it remembers old life experiences from other times and places.

The Hall of Judgement is actually a state of mind called self-judgement where the super consciousness will judge the lower-consciousness. Judgement determines the next incarnation if there is to be one. Judgement determines the place, parents, environment and plan. Now, if we have lived this life knowingly and consciously in service to the Divine within and to all life, there is no need for the super-consciousness to impose gross limitations upon the reincarnating consciousness. This is not always the case if the incarnating soul has a desire to help the new set of parents evolve. It may appear to have chosen an unbalanced body or mind but it is a deliberate choice primarily to draw out virtues in the parents and circle of influence. We are the judge, jury and give the sentence according to what is needed to advance toward the goal of full enlightenment.

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