Friday, September 4, 2009

Humankind's Achievements parallel Its Desires

Using the Kabbalah as a reference on this subject, it is said that the humans' desire to rule and conquer was the driving force behind the invention of the canon in the Middle Ages. As collective desires grow, civilizations advance. It is interesting to look at this closely because of the great desire right now in so many minds and heart for a good change that will benefit the rights of humanity. Kabbalah divides the entire complex of human desires into five levels: 1, Meeting basic natural desires, such as food, shelter and sex. 2, Striving for wealth. 3, Craving power and fame. 4, Thirsting for knowledge. 5, Desiring spirituality. Have you noticed that when the first four desires are fulfilled, a feeling of "emptiness" appears. Once we give up on reaching fulfillment to our desires on one level, it is off to the next level. When humans have satisfied the first four, they begin to ask questions concerns their origin, purpose and seriously desire to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I am not insinuating that the first four desires are completely satisfied because having lack in any area of the first four usually causes a person to start thinking in its self. At least, this is my opinion.

Many people who are on the path of soul evolution deny the existence of evil. They refuse to recognize darkness. Some people automatically blame God for everything that is negative, sad, crippling, limiting, etc. Evil described plain and simple is human nature totally out of balance. There is no stability, heart or selflessness. The souls who lived under the influences of the lowest nature in the body continue to vibrate in a similar ignorance after physical death in the lower astral world and cause great mischief. Kabbalists say humans don't have to suffer; study instead. This means grow up and start correcting your mistakes and further suffering will not materialize. To do the correct thing, we must have that fifth desire, which is an intimacy with spirituality.

Once we reach the fifth level, we understand that there is good in evil if it drives the soul to deliberately move towards the Creator. Evil can pressure us to take control of our own lower nature and start evolving spiritually. This is only fully understood at a higher level of mind. The Creator wants us to partake in our own creation. Understanding this desire indicates that every negative or evil energy in us becomes a means to an end that is good. This is one way to make contact with the Creator. Recognize that evil is the beginning of the revelation of good. Behind all our desires is the search for satisfaction. We want to feel good. When we begin to feel good spiritually, it changes our scale of desire. We look at everything with new eyes. We assess our environment. We finally understand that we are a part of the One Power and Presence, the Source, and are able to look at the big picture. Don't get me wrong. We may still desire comfort, knowledge and all the other things, which is fine. Some of these areas diminish in importance because they no longer have the same meaning to us. Our focus now is in the growing desire for genuine spirituality. All the corrections leads to a direct contact with the Creator. How? Why? Because we desire to be like our Creator.

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