Friday, March 20, 2009


Belief and desire mold the present body and experience, as well as future experience. Creating new and positive mental forms will create a brighter future. The power of the mind works on its own level whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. A trained mind is the finest part of your mind thinking. I have found that it works to my advantage to analyze and seek meaning for what is being presented to me. To question both the inner and outer experience requires discernment. It is beneficial to question everything both visible and invisible and simply not accept or assume that it is absolute truth. Our confidence grows when we remember to rely on the intuitive part of the mind. Nothing happens by chance.

We evolve through discipline and effort. Theoretical knowledge does not transform us. We destroy or build our world through our disposition. It is up to us to take responsibility for creative action. Will power needs to be developed and applied, otherwise we will not follow through to our goal. A mental reframing must be used as a bridge to an elevated state of consciousness. To master the lower world of matter, we must learn to think for ourselves and hold a strong center in our life. Directed will can be used as a creative power. An excellent tool is self-suggestion.

Self-suggestion is an effective tool to use upon awakening and before retiring for the night. Repeat a statement of intent either out loud or mentally. This is called reframing or reprogramming the mind. The suggestion is offered to the subconscious part of the mind and the super conscious part of the mind. Keep the goal alive and in front of your mind. If your thoughts and actions are the opposite of the affirmation or mantra, it will be either neutralized or negated. Repetition is the secret of success. Take a great interest in what you are creating. What works is to keep the attention fixed long enough for a new habit to manifest. It is similar to exercising and developing memory in weakened muscles. Self-suggestion is encouraged because it helps develop will power. When an image or idea is placed into the mind, give it a command to act in a specific way. It will impress the mind. Remember to do it and keep at the practice until you know with a certainty that you have actually accepted the goal in your mind.

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