Monday, March 23, 2009

Animals in Dreams

If you love nature, it is very likely that animals will come to you in dreams imparting messages that will help in your soul journey. When we are open to their influence, they become friends, teachers and companions. Every animal has a story to tell and more than likely it is something that you were totally unaware of. Every animal can be a gateway to the phenomenal world of the human spirit. I rarely remember my dreams and depend more on the guidance of visions and meditation. When I do remember a dream it is vivid and I know that loving guidance is being offered at that moment. I do believe in white magic, dreams and possibilities and bring this subject up for your consideration in case you have been ignoring the subject of symbols in the natural world being our teachers.

My friends who already know me are well aware of my firsthand loving connection with swans. If you have not visited my website:, please do. They are discussed on the web site and are in my book Be-Embracing the Mystery. The point I wish to make today is that some times a creature will appear to us that is baffling at first until we do our research. In a dream last week, I found my self holding a strange and small creature in my left hand. It was a very small brown bird but its wings were definitely those of a bat. I did my research for birds all over the world and found no such creature. Then, it dawned on me. The little gift was half of one and half of the other. A bird's meaning is obvious. A bird represents good things like learning to use innate intuition to ride the currents of life more effectively. Breath and fresh air is very important to a bird's health. Perhaps, more breath and exercise is needed for my body.They eat small quantities of food periodically throughout the day, not one meal as I do. Something to think about. Birds represent the thoughts of deities...reflect a union of the conscious mind with the unconsciousness, beauty, intuition, levitation and creative imagination. Birds hold the knowledge on how to make our ideas concrete. Perhaps, it is time to unfold the wings of enchantment within my life.

Bats...I had a question in my mind about the bat wing. Well, the bat is a powerful symbol for this time in human history. The bat symbol suggests we look beyond limited circumstances. Their appearance heralds in a transition and initiation period in my life, which is very true. Bat means rebirth to ancient Mayans. They help us come out of the darkness, which I interpret the negativity that is found everywhere. When a bat symbol comes into our life, life will change. It also could mean to face fears if you have any and make preparation for change. It is a time to die to some aspect of our self. As consciousness changes, our world changes.

Do you ever think how the choices we make today will have repercussions for years down the road? Bats hold the promise of empowerment. A symbol of promise amidst the sometimes chaotic energies of change. They mean a move to new heights with the transitions. Pierce new barriers... A new truth being awakened. They mean much more than I am sharing and it is all very good and powerful. Perhaps, this is a new beginning that will bring promise and power after the changes. Pay attention to your dreams and who comes to visit you.

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