Monday, March 30, 2009

Do You Feel Divided?

I was taught that God was separate from me. Wrong! Through firsthand experience I know with a certainty that I was taught incorrectly. I read recently where a spiritual friend commented about alchemists. Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov stated that alchemist had a better understanding of spiritual work than many so-called spiritual people who concentrate all their efforts on escaping matter and separating the body and spirit. Alchemy does not cut humans in two: into a spirit, which alone is worthy of our attention, and a body that should be ignored, despised and mistreated. No...spirit and matter, the spirit and the body, have work to do together.

It took me time to accept on every level of my being that the body is not the spirit's tomb. Or, to quote Omraam again, the body is only the spirit's tomb for those who have not understood the meaning of the first verse in Genesis: 'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.' Yes, not just the heavens but the heavens and the earth. Heaven represents 'spirit' and earth represents 'matter.' How many people really think about this statement? If our Creator projected both, they evidently have something to do together. To separate the body from the spirit appears to be the norm for most religions. When you really think about this, it becomes clear that to separate the two is to separate a house from its roof: exposed to bad weather, it collapses, and what does the roof do if it doesn't have four walls to rest on?

I love the soul and mind of Omraam, a dear being who is no longer in the flesh. He always said things clearly and to the point. He understood the obvious, which few do. As long as we indulge in any form of abuse toward the soul, mind and body our house is divided and we will most likely fall a part. Honor your body and mind, watch very carefully what you put into it and what you use it for. The body is a temporary vehicle, but a precious one, so the spirit may express, expand and be itself in matter. When we honor ourselves as a whole package and not a divided energy, we finally learn to live fully in the light of understanding, beauty, wonder, joy and yes, peace.

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