Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Disorder Everywhere!

Words may sound inspiring, but what if we are living in ongoing pain either emotionally or physically or both? How can we escape the darkness and despair that takes our breath away at times? How can conditions be changed when we are choking in an environment of suffering and limitation? One night, while feeling the pain of a loved one, I was shown a tunnel of darkness. At the end of the tunnel was the blazing Light of God. This was not a near death experience although it imitated one. Light can be seen anytime and anywhere. When I see Light, the angelic language, the sign of God, I am at peace and have renewed hope. Today, quite suddenly and totally unexpected, my young canary died. We have been grieving all day. We grieve for his beautiful song and joyful presence but in my heart I know that if I would be silent I will hear him sing.

When the unexpected, the painful and any type of disorder occurs, fall back on the Light of God. Light holds us together. To transcend all the disorder around us, which takes many different forms, transcend the misery and call on the Light asking it to be a strong force in your life. You have the right to do this because you are an individual light of the One Great Light. You have the option to rewrite your life experiences. Perhaps, you are the type who puts on a front and keeps pain hidden. Yes, there are times we must be brave but at the same time do not deny your feelings. Secrecy serves a social purpose, but it does not address or release suffering.

Everyone has the inner Light but most people ignore it and do nothing to develop it. This is what you can do to "save" yourself and bring order into disorder. Call on your highest Nature to take control. Be insistent. In the darkest moments, mentally stop and call for help from the angels and the luminous beings. Reach out. Repetition works. Do it and do it with passion. Keep asking that the higher Self take control. It is then that peace is felt and confidence regained. You have the power through choice to awaken from the darkness and experience a peace that sustains you and makes things right.

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