Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's Talk About You

What is your truth? Have you forgotten it or are you allowing people, events or environment to prevent you from living your truth? Has this most important subject been given the thought it deserves? No one can afford to be negligent regarding the meaning of life and the destiny of the soul. Authentic freedom occurs when spiritual identity is understood and lived.

It is time to take a stand for the rights of your true Self. You have the choice to rebel against anything or anyone who is preventing you from realizing and living Principle. To evolve and be the wonder that you are, I urge you to go beyond your frame and see the vastness of the divine beloved within. It is through the union of the body, mind and soul that you are eventually able to remove the veil of illusion. Pythagoras taught that the experience of life in a finite, limited body was specifically for the purpose of discovering and manifesting supernatural existence within the finite. Your responsibility and mine is to discover how the finite can express the power of the Infinite.

If you are on Facebook, please connect with me as a friend. People are linking their light with the ever expanding Circle of Light. The Circle of Light is an affiliate with United Groups for World Peace. Souls of like mind are ready to link and are in the droves. I posted a message last week on how I witnessed a vision of an audience that I was speaking in front of in Colorado. Closing my physical eyes for a moment I saw with my inside spiritual sight every person as a violet point in an enormous ameythst crystal. We are awesome! Have a wonderful weekend~

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Anonymous said...

My friend and sister, blessings!
We are ONE, alhamdulillah! When we awaken and see God within shining, we are limitless. Let us all join hands, for this makes peace.

Love and deep peace, NurWasi