Thursday, March 26, 2009

Molding the Mind

If you are ready to mold your mind in line with your inner light, you will discover that there is no disparity between worldly life and spiritual aspiration. A practice that has always worked for me is a trained mind that looks behind the appearance and acknowledges the blueprint of light holding the image in place. If you discipline your thoughts to remain focused on the original image, light, of whatever you observe, you will find that you speak and act from an expanded and true perspective. In other words, before an idea becomes matter, it is a light image. Holding this image brings clarity of mind. It is also very important to believe and rely on the truth that there is a Cosmic Plan, so to speak, for all creation. Accepting this plan will give a greater confidence in the changes that you experience and those that are yet to come. Develop the habit of scrutinizing and seeing life from a point of evolving awareness.

The real you, the spirit-light-intelligence, is the eternal identity and not the familiar appearance or personality. All the good progress we make in human form is stored in the soul memory and will be put to a positive use, and not against itself, in future experiences. We are accumulating spiritual wealth. There are proven methods that will fill us with this wealth, which is the power within. Expanding the mind and dropping the undesired from our thoughts, forgiving and starting over will create a new causation. Allow your mind to willingly look at other creative possibilities.

It doesn't help to cling to robotic thinking. Imagine how different life would be if we had been taught as children about the Law of Causation and our true role in the creative plan. The cellular memory of the universe is encoded in the cells of the body. You attract Light into your cells when you think and love deeply, take positive action and are consciously connected to your inner wisdom. Everything that appears in life is created by mind. Everything is done by agreement. A right attitude and firm belief will set in motion beneficial forces. The gateway is the mind, which opens the door to illumination, realization, inspiration, intuitive perception and healing. It is our choice~

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