Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who is the Abuser?

There are people who attract abuse all their life. They blame others for their pain. The question to ask is who really is to blame? I feel abuse is a soul issue. If there is something amiss in the soul, whether it be from a long ago forgotten time or experiences remembered, there is a definite imbalance in the energy field. Something serious is obstructed. If an individual feels good about his or her self, abuse is not attracted or allowed. Somewhere in the soul's journey the imbalance has occurred. It is likely that the imbalances have been of a repetitive nature. Disturbances in the energy field remain unless addressed. It is vitally important that we free ourselves from the hurt, anger and the wounds people and events have directed toward us. Even more important is the abuse we direct toward ourselves. Why is abuse in any form accepted? Once accepted, it is similar to a malignancy.

I feel that humans allow injuries to be stored in the subconscious through lack of a higher knowledge of mental law, which also includes a spiritual ignorance. Spiritual ignorance is not understanding your soul identity and the purpose of life. When understanding is lacking, wounds fester and the human hasn't the faintest clue that he or she is the one who is the abuser. A soul's journey is not honored if abuse is allowed in any form. The physical body is the temple for the soul and the spirit. How can true love, joy and harmony exist if the body, mind and soul is not honored? Who takes the time to analyze what is really going on? Many people do not understand that their thoughts and behavior are undermining the very structure of their being. It is easier to blame another rather than looking at one's own pattern of reacting. When one is both the abuser and the abused, a state of inner disorder continues to attract pain, lack and confusion.

Forgiveness is the angelic road that leads to healing. If we do not forgive others and ourselves, we create strong and unhealthy bonds that continue into future experiences. It is in the forgiving of our lower nature, the ongoing mistakes, that will help us realize that an inner state of disorder is abuse. What is even worse is that the disorder is accepted as normal. The goal is to bring order out of disorder. People get so used to being hurt and in pain that they do not realize the depth of healing that is needed. They become too wounded to care. When we are wounded, we consciously cut ourselves off from our true Source, God. Forgiveness is a beginning~

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