Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Choose a Mantra

A mantra can be used as a healing tool. There are mantras for healing, abundance, protection, removing obstacles, making the right decision, enlightenment, increasing energy, karma and many other desired results. They obviously are not the only way or even the best way to solve a problem and yet, repetitive mantras create an energy that will work for you. I personally gravitate to the divine sounds recorded by the ancient sages of India and Tibet. We are very complex beings. Mantras like so many other wonderful tools soften problems and create a mindset for healing.

Mantras help in managing emotions. All the really good teachers emphasize mastery of the lower nature, which involves mastery of emotions. If you are depressed, mantra practice can help you regain clarity and a sense of peace and purpose. We can do mantras for other people and help them find the right course of action. They are a simple and ancient tool that does not cost us money...only persevering and time. Positive action is required for anything that is good. Knowing about a useful tool is not enough; we need to remember to use it. Why not experiment with a mantra and find out what it can do for you? Use it in the morning and if you have time again in the evening. Choose a specific length of time and observe what happens to your own energy and life experiences.

One of my favorites is the Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha. It means, Om and salutations to the remover of obstacles for which Gum is the seed. The correct pronunciation is: Om gum Guh-nuh-puh-tuh-yei nahm-ah-ha. This is a universally acknowledged mantra that is very effective for clearing away obstacles of all sorts. This mantra also works to overcome misunderstandings and to get a relationship back on track. It will definitely bring a sense of spirituality into a relationship if you both use the chant. It is not necessary for both of you to chant but, it will remove any hidden or underlying hostility toward the other and bring the feelings to the surface in a joint meditation. Meditating together for a thirty day period is a good thing. Any hurt, resentment, grievance or other lingering negatives can be addressed because a harmony is increased within you and your partner.

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