Friday, February 12, 2010

Real Love

Valentines Day is a lovely holiday but it has very little to do with Real love. Real love is something most humans have not yet experienced. It is a surrender to a power that transcends human thinking and feeling. It stands by the lover and waits patiently sometimes for the lover to catch up. Real love is transcendent and is experienced between souls who have similar vibrations. These vibrations are beyond words or even actions at times. It is an energy that is so magical and magnificent that it would take an observers breath away. Real love lasts through centuries of living in space and time and has nothing to do with appearance or gender. It is when two souls recognize each other as one unit of magnificence, each complimenting the other.

Real love is found in the higher vibratory levels of consciousness where radiant Light rules and music plays in such a harmonious way that all are filled with a desire to simply Be. If a human could grasp for a moment the passion and intensity of a higher love, they would not know what to do with themselves. It is so sublime and enduring and in such an intensity that the idea of existing in any other consciousness is punishment. Every once in awhile a soul with this elevated love consciousness arrives in a flesh body to help other souls discover what Real love is. This elevated soul does not express verbally what it feels because it cannot. Human language is not angelic language, the language of light. Real Love is far beyond any human expression and is only captured when the heart has been given away to the Divine. The heart beats to the rhythm of its Creator and to all the other souls who have merged with their individualized spirits. Real love is worth waiting for. It is permanent and has no flaws, no questions, no doubts, no sadness...only Itself to revel in as a permanent relationship that is amazing and beyond time and space.

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