Thursday, February 11, 2010

Guarding the Gate to the Senses

It is good and wonderful to think of yourself as a student on the path to enlightenment. It is not good when the student allows him or her self to be jerked around by emotional issues. This must be addressed because it is the emotional body who is ruled by the energetic memory of the subconscious part of the mind. As you already know, the energy of the past is stored in your inner data base. The negative emotional energy will easily jeopardize your plan to progress as an awakened soul and come into your own. If one fully understood the impact of the emotional body on the progress of the soul, he or she would be horrified. This is why the orientals mention that a student must guard the gate to the five senses. I will add the psychic sixth sense as well because multiple problems occur in that realm of manipulation and pseudo power.

To choose stability, an ongoing state of equilibrium, as your response to personal setbacks is the best course for you to take. It is an act of goodness to have feelings for people and the various forms of life. What is detrimental are the influences of not only memory but the nasty things that could be occurring to you in current time and space. Humans attract to them what they need to master or what they are gifted with because they value who they are. I am only reminding you of what you already know. It is very important that you be at conscious attention full time. We have talked about protection of personal energy before. Remember, it is wise to visualize an armour of light encircling your body keeping negative influences far away from your sensitive nature. If you like more drama, use another visualization such as a ring of fire or a set of mirrors surrounding you and facing the sender. Create something to protect yourself because good souls with pure intent do not deserve to be bombarded by negative entities from the lower astral planes or from humans whose negative energy is determined to move into your space. Be on alert. Be on guard like a parent would with a newborn.

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