Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Would An Angel Do?

Are you overwhelmed? With snowstorms, earthquakes, serious financial problems, health issues that persistently hang around, relationship challenges and everything else happening around you, you would be an angel in action if you were not somewhat mystified why all of this nonsense is going on simultaneously. You might as well relax. It is going to get worse before getting better for the majority of people. That may sound callous but it really is not. If you allow yourself to become stressed over a world that has gone mad, you will harm the equilibrium that is required to achieve balance and sustaining health.

Here we are acting in this enormous drama with many wishing they could step off the stage and play another role. Hold on...dear hearts, hold on. You picked the role you are playing for very specific reasons. You may not consciously know what it is but you did choose to take part in the drama occurring all over the planet. Choices are constantly being made. Hopefully, they are ones that will not only work for our greater good but for the good of humanity, planet earth and all life. Wait, I have not finished. You probably are thinking nothing new in this message...but there is.
Not only has the majority written the script for planet earth and her species during this cycle, the roles were handpicked. How is that? Why would you choose the role you are holding onto for dear life? Because you have forgotten the light body, the higher mind and spirit that I mentioned in yesterday's message. It is the amazing light intelligence who could be in charge of your daily activities creating a life fit for an angel. The problem is forgetfulness, lack of trust and not allowing the Higher to take over the lower.

Why not allow an energy that is sublime, highly intelligent with a vast firsthand experience to rule your current life? Everyone sticks to the ego-personality, a temporary role, which can totally mess with a higher plan which leads to soul evolution. I may be speaking in a light vein but this is serious business. To accept the higher intelligent light, the greater eternal body and mind as your guide, savior, protector and all the goodies you really desire, you have to be serious about this connection and walk the talk. Choices are one thing but what you do with the choices as far as action is concerned is a totally different scenario. Would you believe me if I told you that you are angels who are playing with creativity and became lost in your own creation?

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