Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Are Beautiful!

There are some people who need to pay attention to the following words. When you are seriously on the path of quickening, awakening again to who you really are, you will come across experiences now and then that make you feel foolish or even ashamed. I mention this because many good people are suffering different forms of limitation right now. Some cannot understand why this is so when they are doing everything in their power to achieve balance and at the same time be of help to others. Keep in mind that although your heart, mind and soul are attuned to heavens, so to speak, you are still in a physical form. You have not failed if different body parts do not respond in perfect harmony. Harmony will come to many but in some cases the harmony is short circuited because they have pulled too many switches.

Pulling too many switches means they have taken on more of a load than the frame and the lower aspects of self can handle. The lower aspects are the thinking conscious part of the mind, vacillating emotions and a body that has inherited genetic tendencies that interfere with intent. Even if you have corrected habits that work against intent, you may still feel as if you are living in a form that is very much like a prison. This is actually true. If you are taking the time to read this indicates that you have been on a very long journey and could simply be weary of the ongoing effort that is required to reach the goal that you are determined to reach.

Rather than apologize for any weakness that shows up in the body, simply face it and love it. The body serves us beautifully. What you can do is spend more time focused on your light body, the blueprint body, behind the physical form. Visualize it as the magnificence and perfection that it truly is. In the physical world, do not attempt to achieve everything in one giant step. It is best that you take small steps, be victorious and continue on your way. Those who arrive at their goal quickly may have been preparing for victory many lifetimes. Whether you have consciously prepared or not, it is wise to take the small steps and make certain that they remain a constant.

Be kind to your self. So many who love authenticity, beauty and understand what true perfection is are altogether too hard on themselves. If you suffer a setback now and then, you have not failed. Love who you are. Pick your self up and keep moving. There is something very magnificent in the courage that lovers of truth reveal. When the lovers are looked upon by the Beloved, all the Beloved sees is the Light of that human, the sincere effort and intent in purpose. If you only knew how brightly you shine,you would then understand and be happy instead of feeling discouraged or not advanced as you judge you could be. How do you humanly know how advance you are spiritually? You don't. It is your Light, your Heart and the expansion of your love energy that is observed. It is beautiful~

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