Monday, February 8, 2010

How Are You Handling Insecurity Right Now?

What is required of lovers of truth is stamina. Stamina is needed to get through the rapid changes that are occurring on every level of life. Arriving with the rapid changes may be feelings not considered natural for the seeker. These feelings are in many ways different forms of depression. Impatience, resentment, fear of the future, lack, limitation, wondering if one has lost his reasoning capability and much more. It is happening to people who are usually solid in their base. Meaning, they have already built a strong foundation and a mind and heart that aspires to great Heights. Yet, the suddenness of some of the changes in one's personal world can be shattering when unexpected and you have done the 'work'.

To do the work implies that we are a giving and loving soul who trusts and believes in positive outcomes and willingly does what can be done unselfishly for another as well as carefully monitor one's own balance. Prayer, contemplation and meditation is a natural part of daily living. Many of us who have been 'walking the talk' find ourselves stuck with people, circumstances and false experiences that cause genuine pain. Why do I use the word false? Falsity is an illusion, a dream that is often a nightmare. Falsity is an energy that separates a soul from the Center, the golden mean. Exaggerated circumstances do not help or heal the soul. It is not easy to be a front runner in any area. In the realm of higher consciousness, it is even a greater challenge because friends and family often look to us for inspiration, guidance and support.

Keep in mind the word, falsity. At the same time, understand that falsity is temporary to those who are alert to the higher truths. We will emerge victorious regardless of what is happening in the human scene. Of course, you may assume I am speaking solely of soul evolution. I am but much more. We have been placed in a position where we are expected to expand our character. Trust is one of the most important characteristics we need to deliberately use to get through dramatic changes. Not only trust in God, a Supreme Intelligence and Creator but trust in all that we have learned on our very long journey through space and time. Stay focused on accomplishments and the precious good moments. Lean on the strength and power that provides you with life. Being stranded is out of the question. Real Love does not desert the lovers. It leads us to a place of resurrection. Yes, I used that word. Resurrection is when we are lifted up and out of instability, fear, lack and limitation and all the other darkness that accompanies spiritual ignorance.

Moaning about the changes will do nothing to aid resurrection. Trust will. Do you really believe in all that you have worked so hard for? Look at the gains of the soul, be grateful and allow your self to smile. The journey is not on a paved road. The road leading up to the mountain top is rugged and irregular. There are grooves to place your foot. Nature to hold onto. With perseverance, trust and remaining attentive, we will reach the top hearty and whole.

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