Friday, February 5, 2010

Something Huge is Happening During the Year's Ahead

There is a time soon coming when more of you will comprehend the truth about yourselves. This may sound mysterious but the timing will be right for disclosure. Now what does this mean? You are both in a physical body and are enveloped in a veil which prevents you from really connecting to the grander part of who you are. You have heard this before but what is news now is that this veil will be torn for many souls in the years ahead. It is for your protection that you have had the veil. It is possible for you to transform your cells and make your self whole but you are so conditioned by the mentality of the common thought that this may sound absurd. You have many talents that have been hidden because the timing has not been the best for disclosure.

Although we are individuality's, we are also an integral part of the collective consciousness. If we stand out as something very rare and unattainable, people are either frightened or they bow down and worship the one who appears to be powerful in a super natural way. Well, you are all super powerful but for the most part you have suffered memory loss. The memory loss is for your benefit, remember that. Because of the increased celestial energy and the current cycle moving more deeply into what I fondly refer to as the solar civilization, more of what and who you are will gradually be revealed. Behind the physical Sun is the invisible energy body of the Central Sun. The Central Sun holds the Galaxy together.

There are many here on earth with a consciousness that is ripe for exposure. Meaning, they are mature enough, stable enough to be who they are without any qualifications or fear. In a chaotic world that is still fraught with instability and spiritual ignorance, it may feel as if it is best to keep one's mouth shut. Well, the times of silence will gradually disappear and more souls will stand tall, speak out about a reality that many on earth do not yet comprehend. For the unenlightened to receive the greater energy, they will handle this opening through the higher spiritual senses, not the intellect. This probably sounds strange to some of you but it comes with the impending cyclic change and an awakening consciousness on planet earth. Be hopeful and accept that you are not abandoned nor will you be persecuted for 'knowing' truths that few have clearly understood. This is the beginning of a new era. There will be fits and starts, so to speak, but eventually the energy will flow smoothly and be accepted as well as understood.

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