Monday, February 22, 2010

Taking Time for Guidance

Although everything surrounding most people feels unstable without and within, something very interesting is actually happening in a positive way. To be able to understand the shift one must see , hear and feel the movement from the higher sense, the spiritual senses. Yes, we have our physical senses but there are more refined senses that the majority have forgotten or simply do not use as often as they could. To use these higher senses demands discernment but, it also demands trust. Trust is a quality that many have lost because life has become glum. If more people would take the time to simply sit quietly for 15 minutes each morning before they eat their breakfast or run out the door, it would set the tone for an entirely different day.

During the time alone with your spiritual senses, ask them to help you consciously sharpen your skills, intuitively listen to guidance, protect and accompany you in the rounds of the day. Get in the habit of asking the finer part of your makeup for directions that will benefit your growth. The more you take time to do this, the greater confidence you will feel as you struggle in your snail body. It is a snail body because your soul and spirit is used to being very much like the hawk circling over my car today. The higher aspects of your subtle forms are free when not imprisoned in a physical form. The hawk, eagle and all birds, have the benefits of both the earth and sky. They naturally enjoy both the snail body and the subtle angelic energy of being a bird.

Regardless of your busy schedule, make time for sitting quietly each morning asking for guidance so you, too, can fly and not be so overly burdened by the fact that you are in a prison like form. You see, the mind, the spirit can soar regardless of the form if you take the time to stop, remember, smile, trust and act. Simple...but people forget. It is also a very good idea to follow the same pattern before you go to bed. This is giving value to the energy of who you really are. It is honoring the subtle and higher aspects of Self. At the close of the day, offer gratitude and love to the guardian part of you for the companionship felt during the day. The more attention you give to the companionship, the greater the experience of a constant source of love and light.

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