Friday, February 19, 2010

Asking God to Share~

Have you ever thought of what to ask if you came across someone who could give you all the answers? Most people want to know about God and how can such an Indescribable Intelligence actually knows or cares what is going on on a small planet with people who haven't for the most part a clue as to why they are here and what they should do next. When we look at the whole picture happening in the world today it is easy to come to the conclusion that we live in a nut house. There are rumors upon rumors circulating about government programs, debt, losing individual rights and much more that if we don't guard our emotions, we may plummet to the depths. It is crazy, really crazy because life does not have to be this way at all. It would be so much different if people were not selfish or desired personal power. Influential people simply do not know how to handle power. This is one of the reasons why they constantly are in the news.

So what can be done about the obvious imbalances existing everywhere? We can develop our own character and stick with the program. There is no good reason that we should become emotionally involved with any of the distortions, lies and attempts for self-aggrandizement that are consuming the news and dampening the spirit. What is needed is a genuine effort toward simplicity, kindness and good neighborliness. You are probably thinking that the loss of jobs, homes and rights are stripping a good part of humanity to the bare minimum. In some ways this turbulent energy is forcing simplicity as a way of life. Overall, it can be good because most individuals begin to look at life from a different perspective. Love, kindness, caring, health, sharing and all the other positive qualities begin to emerge in the personality. More people begin to value friendship and authenticity in a much fuller way than held previously.

Maybe you don't appreciate my saying these things but they need to be said. There are so many people hurting on one level or another that humanity is being forced to break out of the shell of self absorption. What is meant by this is that we need to think and feel for one another. I have met thousands of people through the various outreach venues that I am involved with and growing numbers hurt big time. If it is not financial or relationships, it is health both physical and emotional. If it takes trials and tribulations to make a person think deeply about why they are on earth, then it is worth the discomfort, loss and the suffering although I do not believe in suffering as a means to achieve wholeness or mastery.

For an example. I have a history of giving unselfishly the many gifts of healing, counseling,creativity, friendship, time and a dauntless energy to other people. I never would think about their returning the favor. I was wrong. I was wrong because a value must be put on our energy, time and love. Actually, we may do someone a disservice if they are always in the position of receiving and not giving. To admit that I was in a precarious financial situation was one of the hardest thing I've ever done. For someone else, it may not have any emotional significance. But there are many people just like me on this planet with wonderful talents who give joyfully because that is their nature. So something is not in balance...correct? I never looked at money and service in this way before. It is also an energy to be shared and not to be hung onto.

Life is happiest when there is a free exchange whether that exchange is baking a cake, writing a letter of love, shopping for groceries for another or writing a check. Whatever works for the giver is good. I always felt that God would provide and I still look at abundance in that way. The God who provides is the God within others each doing his or her share regardless of form. I know I will be wealthy financially; it is my destiny. The abundance will match the wealth of my spirit, that is not an issue. I never gave much thought in the past that it is perfectly OK to ask the God in someone else to share with the God in me. Why not ask? We are all parts of the Whole.

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