Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do You Feel Like a Tourist?

We feel like a tourist on this planet when we know with a certainty that something is actually true and others around us do not understand or refuse to take a good look at possibilities that are amazingly real. The look that is required is a look at themselves and the situations that they unthinkingly find themselves in. Now, in contrast there are people who consciously choose a certain set of circumstances because a higher calling is beckoning them, but they usually are in the minority. I am talking about people who do not wonder one iota why they are in a physical body and what the heck they are doing living in a world that appears to be collectively confused and unbalanced. These people are not interested in gaining understanding as to the true nature of life.

One type of tourist is wide awake or nearing a lucid Realization. The other type of tourist is lazy and simply doesn't care. The one is consciously awaking to spiritual identity and has a decent grip on what is going on around him; the other tourist buries his head in the sand and assumes everything that causes discomfort will simply go away by itself. It will not. Have you ever thought of approaching the dead end travels through stretching and reaching to a higher perspective than the habitual one? You can have every luxury imaginable but you are still functioning primarily from the subconscious memory when you are not interested in what path to take or make any attempt to take action. Bottom line... you are not living in the moment. This is true for the majority of souls on the planet. All their reactions are from the memory bank. It does take a good amount of effort to change patterns, think for your self, not mimic others and to dare and be something different from the programming that has controlled you all your life.

A tourist in this category is one visiting the planet who doesn't have the vaguest clue as to what direction to take. As a result, he wanders here and there and stops for some candy shopping. I like to describe seekers who are looking for satisfaction outside of themselves as candy shoppers. A certain flavor appeals for a brief time and then it is time to experiment with something new and hopefully satisfying. Well, this process does not really satisfy a seeker permanently so he keeps traveling and experimenting with new treats.

When you are ready to settle down in a place of beauty, magic, light and truth, you will discover an Inner Garden. This garden is filled with every imaginable specie and color. It is so amazing that you will not wish to leave it. Within this garden exist sweet nectar's to drink and fragrant ambrosia to eat, all directly from the unlimited fount of Radiant Light. Once you come upon this Inner Garden, you will not feel like a tourist anymore; you will feel as if you have reached your Home, a home of Sun lit moments, mystical visions and luminous friends...all real, caring, encouraging, loving and ready to help you.

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