Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Build Your Castle

Would you like to fly? Do you wish to reach the secret sky? Do you really desire to be who you are without limitations? Listen...you can be all that you dream of and much more. First of all, you must believe. Believing is the hardest part of all. If you do not believe, you cannot move to the next step. So, work on your belief. Make it stronger each new day in such a way that no one or no thing can ever put a chip into the castle that you are building. Yes, you are building not only a castle in a secret sky but your own physical, emotional and mental castle. It is a glorious home, a refuge for your divinity. You have the right to live as a king or queen and own a castle. You are a hierophant and not a beggar. There is no truth in lack or limitation. If you believe there is, you create a belief system of lack and limitation.

You are the builder of all that happens to you. To find your path, the golden stairs that lead to the castle, strengthen your belief system. Know that anything is possible. Although the world and your personal life at the moment may be the exact opposite of your belief and understanding, hold onto your truth. Keep it strong and keep it well attended. Pay close attention to what enters your mind and what triggers your emotions. You must a guard your castle. It is your private domain. Others will attempt to storm the gates. You must not let them in. This is why moats were built around a castle. No one could cross the bridge unless they were expected. To cross the bridge, one must be valiant and a true being. A true being is luminous in his or her own stature. A true being knows how to cross any span of time or space. This is your moment to cross into the energy of true belief. This is the time to guard your castle and only befriend true souls. This is your time to be stalwart and visible. You are to be visible because people need those who truly believe.

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