Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Observation, Blending and Being

The articles I offer will stop sometime in the near future. There are other things that I must attend to. There is aleady a great deal of wealth for you to sort through in this layout. Look at them, the articles are similar to pearls that you slowly string into a fine necklace in the hopes that you will display your understanding and love within and without. I could speak of very sublime things but not many would grasp what I would be sharing. This is not ego talking but the plain truth. There are some of us on planet earth who come as visitors. What I mean by visitor is not to imply that we necessarily come from another planet, which actually could be, but that we come from realms of higher wisdom. The realms of wisdom are understood through the heart, feeling and intuitive nature. The energy is deeply profound, far reaching and beyond the clumsy words expressed right now.

When we come into a body and live as ordinary people, some of us actually remember what it is like in the higher realms of Radiant Light. Because we are here living admist a mass consciousness that is not yet awakened, we are usually silent and only hint now and then of other possibilities. This probably sounds mysterious. It simply is the way it is. When we visit a place that is not our home and at the same time know with confidence where our Home actually is, we are visitors. Visitors mainly observe. They offer what the people or audience is ready to understand. What is offered may sound very simple. Well, truth is simple. It is the intellectual who makes it complicated. We give what the reader or listener is ready to accept. This is not as simple as it sounds, not at all. The idea is to never talk down to anyone but rather blend with them and open windows, doors, secret treasure spots or whatever allows the lLuminous Light of the higher worlds to pierce through and dissipate the darkness of spiritual ignorance.

When one truly understands, one prefers not to speak about these things at all. What is expected is action. If you have several forks in the road ahead, you must choose a direction that is right for you. But, you also need to do something else. You need to start walking in the chosen direction. Those who remember the laws of life both in the world of flesh and the worlds of spirit, know the direction, know the infinite possibilities and know how uneasy the typical human is regarding taking that first step. That is why I wrote about building your castle yesterday and the importance of a strong belief. It is actually easier for a soul to feel at home on a habitat like earth than it is to try and adjust one's energy to an existance that feels foreign. We patiently keep trying to extend and expand our energy to those who are entrapped. This allows us to observe more closely and at the same time anchor our light into the very fabric of earth and her life.

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