Thursday, February 25, 2010

Taking Up Space

When you see the sky, what do you think about? When you look at any environment, whether you are standing at a train station, in the woods or your own home, what do you think about? Do you ever ponder that the sky is relatively stable while your place in the environment is not? What do I mean by this? Every once in awhile I stop and pause and look at where I am standing or sitting. My energy is here taking up space but, in 50 or 60 years will that energy still be taking up space? Let me put it another way. Have you ever while walking through the woods speculate about the age of the trees and how long they have observing what is going on around them? Do you ever think that one day an entirely different set of characters will be walking on this great stage...Mother Earth?

The common person is so busy doing things that are not essential to the soul's purpose, not living in the moment as a conscios being. What people are really doing is taking up space and for the most part involved with trivial things. It is time to wonder about your place in the Universe, your place on earth and your place in consciousness. I enjoy thinking about this little exercise. One day, there will be an entirely new set, cast of characters, on earth still playing war games, being self absorbed and striving to achieve more material wealth. This is real poverty and has been the scenario for thousands of years.

This common scenario will not change until we stop in the moment and ask ourselves what are we really accomplishing right now? Looking at ourselves honestly, choosing to make a difference on planet earth so the difference reflects goodness is our responsibility. The heroes and heroines are those who take responsibility for their own awakening and respond to the needs of the collective Soul. We are all one in essence but still are far removed from the Oneness required to fully merge into the Light Beyond. Take time to watch yourself. Take time to listen to your self. Take time to check your responses. Take time to love not only the whole package referred to as you but those who are not the least bit interested in realizing the spirit within. Take the time and not only will you benefit but the soul of humanity will benefit. You are needed to be who you really are. No more masquerades. No more shirking the reason you are in matter. You are here for a definite purpose. BE it and live it.

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