Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What is an Authentic Person?

What does it mean to be an authentic person? In my way of thinking, to be authentic is to be honest with yourself and with others. The first step is to know the truth of your being, your energy. Are you really the form, the personality, the busy person occupied with things that really do not matter? Or, are you the light that is seeking expression in matter? For those of us who know ourselves as light and witness the light in others and all life, we know what is real. If you do not yet see with your spiritual eye sight, it does not mean that you are less than the one who does see. Right now, you simply have a different focus and that focus can change quickly.

People who know who they are usually are perfectionists. They try to present perfection because that is what they hold most dear. It does not please them to be thought of as imperfect because they know deep within is the spirit, the amazing light of presence. This presence is perfect. Paradox, yes? You are perfect but the outside does not reflect the perfection that you love and strive to manifest as your self and personal life. This is okay. Everyone is bombarded by so many energies from people who neither care about perfection or the dazzling blueprint behind all created matter that you must not waste thought on thinking you are imperfect. All you need to do is BE.

You see, if you are you, then you are perfect. Drop the illusion that has persuaded you otherwise. You probably think that I am talking in circles. Actually, I am talking in a straight line. To get from here to there it is necessary to stop judging your progress. You are perfect, a projection of your Creator, a light that will illuminate the way for others. You will attract to you people who resonate to your vibration. You actually do not have to say a word or if the words appear too profound pay attention to the vibration.

You will learn from the vibration what you need regardless of the language or how it is expressed. It is what is not said. It is the white light behind the dark letters that has significance. You probably think that I am off the wall expressing in this manner but it is truth. Every letter has a life of its own. The combination of the letters create a vibration. Each soul that looks at the word connects with what it needs to receive whether the word, the sentence, or the message is consciously understood. The soul receives the message and this is all that is important. Have you ever picked up a book and felt its frequency or glanced at the cover and recognize this is what your heart needs without turning a page? If the intuitive energy is not part of your sensitive makeup, ask for it, strive for it and eventually you will realize that you are the word, the vibration and what is being conveyed will enter the heart, mind and soul and be understood.

An authentic person is one who is being his or her Self openly and joyfully.

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