Monday, February 1, 2010

Do You Feel You Are Invincible?

It is time to take stock of what is important in your life. It is so easy to take for granted what you have physically, mentally or materially. Do you guard your senses, guard your body and guard your space? In one unexpected moment, everything can be altered. This is not said to alarm you; it is said to prepare you for good days and insure that you will not create days that will bring unnecessary harm, lack or limitation. You must guard your temple. How can the spirit of you, the true Self, function comfortably if you are suddenly disabled in any area of your life? It is true that there are rare souls who can still function as if nothing has hindered them, They have learned through practice to discipline the mind, emotions and actions. Disciplined people are not in the majority. Most humans take for granted what they have and assume it will always remain the same.

Love and tenderly care for your entire self. Nurturing and service to others is part of the wave of Light that is happening all over the world. This is good. must also remember to protect what you have by respecting it. It is a living energy, a treasure house and hidden within is your spirit. Protect the spirit's temple and you will be able to do more than you have ever dreamed of doing. When you protect your mind from negative thoughts and words, the same system works to keep you shielded from the darkness of those who are spiritually ignorant. What I am attempting to express is that in your rushing here and there pause and remember that the form you are using is a vehicle for the sacredness within you.

Someone must respect and care for it. That someone is you. Think about this carefully because there are many who put others safety first. Who will nurture you if you do not pause and reflect? Do you ever thank your body for serving you so beautifully? Your body is made of cells, light and intelligence. It responds to loving care. Yes, it will respond and beautifully. The idea is to be free to continue living with ease and actively enjoy all the things you deem important. You may already be one of the thoughtful ones who carefully tend the body. Caregivers for the most part do not. They frequently feel they are invincible but are actually both fragile and strong. This is a gentle reminder. Take time to honor your body,love it, show gratitude and it will serve you well. The body package is an instrument that must be finely tuned to retain any sense of harmony.

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