Friday, January 29, 2010

The Journey of Soul Progression

If ever there was a time to get your act together it is now. I have said this before but it could bear some repeating. There is an opportunity in the present cycle to move ahead with your soul progression. What is meant by this? The spirit is perfect and is a projection of the Creator, pure, light filled, all knowing and loving. The soul is part of your mind. The Mind has different levels. To simplify this subject, look at your subconscious as your memory bank, the soul's journey through space and time. The thinking conscious mind is your monkey mind filled with thousands of superfluous thoughts darting in and out day and night. As you learn to focus and pay attention to thoughts that filter in and out, your occupation with lesser thinking will diminish and in there stead a higher level of thought will surface. The higher level of thought is a product of what we can refer to as a super mind. The super part of the mind has the power to guide you with its innate wisdom. Your role is to pay attention and follow its advice.

The thought behind this simple message is that this is the time for all of us to move toward the goal of balance. Greater amounts of Celestial energy are available. If you strive to remain alert and receptive, you will now and into the future receive a stronger current emanating directly from the Super Mind Source. You will only be able to use it correctly if you turn your attention toward it and pure intent rules your heart. Now, if that is not your interest and you think life is fine and that you are a good person and do not need to bother with meditation and contemplation, you will be missing a wonderful opportunity to gain access and establish a conscious bond to what I refer to as your Higher Nature. Your higher Nature far surpasses your thinking mind or the memory bank of the subconscious. It is a wellspring, a fount of wisdom and splendor.

Perhaps, you are intrigued by people in the past and present who appear to be wise, have spiritual gifts and are naturally comfortable with the Divine. The gifts, and there are many, are offshoots, rays that are particles of this super part of the Mind. Another way to say this is that the super part of the Mind is actually the spirit, the god part of you, thinking, creating and being. Now, doesn't that sound like a wonderful treat being able to have the god essence express as you? I am not implying that this is a one time experience but rather an awakened and active consciousness for the remainder of your life. This is the entire thought or purpose behind an individualized spirit living in matter as we think of it. To bring the spirit, the invisible power of the Creator, the Sun behind the Sun into your thought, word and action is the ideal behind creation.

Wishing you a weekend of discovery...

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