Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Burden of Being a Human

The focus right now for anyone who is serious about evolving as a soul and freeing his or her self from past memories and attachments that bind and fetter the soul to inactivity, is slowly waking up to the fact that the present is the opportunity they have been waiting for. The power of Celestial Light is offering assistance. If the assistance is honored and acted upon, souls will awaken and have a keener idea of the Great Plan that affords them an opportunity to live successfully. People are used to lack and limitation regarding inner desires held captive by their own consciousness. To be held captive is not to act and allow the feeling nature to give free expression as beauty, gentleness and honesty. Instead, a facade is created of well being and camarade that is false and actually hurtful to the pretender. It is time for honesty regarding one's self. To be totally honest about what you feel whether it is fear or confidence, opposites, is to free your self from the burden of being a human.

Now why would it benefit you to free your self from the burden of being human? A human is only the outer snail body, the shell that you use during a brief period to express the inner desires of the soul. What the typical personality does is place the emphasis on the shell and its desires and forgets the inner mission of the soul. The inner mission of the soul is to make corrections and necessary adjustments so it may continue on a journey that has taken far too long. Humans, or should I say a higher intelligence, has existed beyond anything that the typical human reads or writes about. There are some authors who have braved criticism and have stoutly commented on the repetitive cycles of energy that rule physical existence.

The same times cycles emerging on earth have a counterpart in similar cycles with layers of degradations existing in other solar systems as well as the other planets in our solar system. Either a planet and its life is evolving or devolving. Each planet has its life cycle, which is beyond your imagination. Each planet serves as a home for souls experimenting with time and space. I use the word experiment because it is actually a grand experiment with the souls involved in a physical form losing the memory of the Quest. So...they fumble around taking millions of years to regain a strong foothold and again step up the ladder of conscious Light awareness.

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