Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Balance and Understanding

All over the planet there are people waking up to the Light. This is the first step. Understanding must follow in order to implement what they are experiencing firsthand. The connection, the communication, whether it be visual or a result of other intuitive spiritual gifts must be understood and balanced, woven into the tapestry of the individual and the personality. In other words, the experiences must be grounded as a strong foundation. Besides physical senses, there are spiritual senses. It is very rare for one individual to have all spiritual senses active. There are some souls scattered over the planet who actually do. For them, balance and understanding are the most important rules governing existence. It is vital that they understand that the awakened senses are to be used for the good of all and not only for personal issues, which is ego pleasure. The balance must be sustained because if there is not balance, they will lose contact with the strength of the middle pillar, the Center Point. Enough about those who have advanced in soul evolution and have reached and sustained a higher reality as part of the human experience.

What is most important or equally important are the souls waking up to the higher worlds who are not yet balanced nor do they have the higher understanding. How can that be? It is very simple. Humans who have one or more spiritual senses activated achieved this high measure of spiritual maturity in previous life experiences. They carried the good into their new incarnation as well as the darker baggage that restricts them from being free in the flesh.

This is a good reason why it is best not to use your spiritual gifts unless you also have understanding and balance. The human part or rather the darker elements that have not yet been purified can cause more damage in some ways than actually helping others in need. How can this be? If you are not stabilized and you work on an other whether it is for healing, giving intuitive information or actually channeling an entity from the other realms, you may attract information, energy that causes mischief and does more harm then good. Yes, these words do sound like a form of discouragement but when you look at a professional in the medical field for instance, can the professional really do the job correctly if he or she hasn't graduated, hasn't accumulated and digested the knowledge that is necessary to successfully treat the patient?

I am not saying that people with spiritual talents should not share them. What I am urging these fortunate ones to do is work on themselves first before mistakes begin to appear or worse problems arise besides the issue at hand. People long to have someone to trust, someone who will tell them what to do and not to do. No one learns the entirety of any subject without having first centered and balanced their own force fields. The greater the knowledge gained; the greater the service rendered. Many metaphysical students become quite excited by one super normal experience or more and feel they have the credentials to go out and save people or the world. They cannot. The thought behind this message is to work and heal the lower senses first and then share your success, maturity and deep understanding with others. It is then that you will have a solid balance, confidence, trust in the process and the expertise to do what is right for the soul who is requesting help.

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