Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are You a Doubting Thomas?

What people need to hear more than anything else is that they are composed of light. Light and its intensity is determined by our every day responses. It stands to reason, that the stronger the power of individual light in matter, which in this context is in your body, will health, happiness and goodness be determined. People usually do not want to look at simple statements. They expect truth to be given to them in an esoteric fashion , like a maze that cannot be solved at least in their current experience. Anything can be understood rightly if the light of your cells whether they be physical, emotional, mental or within the different levels of the subtle fields, are ablaze, alive and alert.

One does not need to seek a guru as taught by so many and worship at their feet. One simply makes a choice to accept the inner identity, love it, allow it to express and live in the flesh body. The flesh body can be spiritualized. It is controlled through choices. Most people are too lazy and doubtful to attempt this simple procedure that will transform them into a fully alive and spiritually conscious light being. Whose fault is this? Primarily the church. The teachers did not openly suggest that the followers are actually divine. To accept that you are a divine being having a trip away from Home, the Center, the Source of what you truly are, is a huge leap in soul consciousness. Most people are so programmed to think less of themselves that it almost sounds outrageous to entertain the reality that they are far greater than what they appear to be.

If more people would get this ancient fact straight in the mind and emotions, life will totally change around and reflect the higher Nature, the spirit individuality. How did this happen, this nasty sense of separation and inadequacy? Enough of you already know the answer. You have been programmed to think that you are servants, not worthy and that it will take a humongous miracle to change anything in your lives. So, you continue to accept a demeaning philosophy of trying, trying and trying again. Trying will eventually work but it is the long hard road. Why don't you just stop in this very moment and declare who you really are? What a shock that would be? To declare that you are a master who has temporarily forgotten the key laws of spirit, personal soul history and the real purpose for physical life. Think deeply and frequently about this revelation and allow the 'Doubting Thomas' in you to take a vacation. Encourage, honor and allow the Real you to show its luminous countenance.


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