Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Personally Influence the Soundness of the World

Regardless of who you are, you influence the world and have a power that is beyond your wildest imagination. Of course, this power is misused by many. You may believe that you are not doing any harm but when you look at life from a different view, a different conclusion appears. We do bear responsibility for the result if we refrain from doing something that could have been done. All it takes is for good people to be negligent. Many of the sad things that exist in the world would not have happened if more people were alert and did something to help. We all have a choice. One of the problems is that some people actually do not believe that they have power or a choice. We can determine our own destiny by our choices. There doesn't have to be hatred in the world. Since everything is caused either individually or collectively, we can decide to correct and act.

Changing the world is fairly simple. It requires people like you and me deciding to make an unwavering individual commitment. We can reshape our lives, help others do likewise and ultimately the world, even if to only a small extent. There are practical uses of the mind that we can exercise by blending the esoteric and the practical. In truth, they are not far apart. The key to our success is to "really want to". Wishing is good but we need to get beyond wishing. As we move more into a psychic discussion, always keep in mind that whatever you want to become a reality in your life must be in harmony with universal law. A reminder...there are five elements necessary for achievement: Desire, visualization, faith, commitment and action. These elements will take control and direct your dream.

Did you take the mental elevator yesterday and ride up through your skyscraper using visualization? At some level, you will satiate all conscious experiences and then visit the next level, which begins the subconscious. At some higher level of awareness you will visit the super conscious, etc. The only limit on your achievement is the limit you place on it. If you don't want to ride to the twentieth floor, you won't. The very top floor is a symbol for enlightenment, fulfillment, knowledge and realization.

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