Friday, June 12, 2009

The Conscious and Subconscious Must Agree

Do you feel rich? Inner wealth is the real wealth but we also need ample money to lead a full, happy and prosperous life. Money is a symbol of exchange. So, why not allow it to circulate freely in your life? The more knowledge we have regarding the powers of the subconscious part of the mind, the easier it is to remove old patterns based on false interpretation of scriptures. We are worthy. There is no virtue in poverty. Money is judged by some as the root of all evil. Well, if that is your entire focus, it is. When a person loves money and material things more than spirit, light and life, he or she is the one existing in poverty. Making money your sole aim is not a good choice. What we need to learn are the laws of the subconscious. Understanding them, we can still have peace of mind, balance, health, love and ample money for our needs and to help others.

The life principle encourages us to evolve. To be worrying constantly about paying bills and whether food will be available for the next meal, is not a virtue. Money is energy. Energy, all energy, has its source from the Creator. Why not say to yourself, "I like money. I love it and use it constructively and judiciously. Money is constantly circulating in my life. Money flows towards me and I send it out to others in joy and gratitude". Paper money is composed of atoms and molecules with their electrons and protons arranged differently. Metal coins are made of electrons, neutrons, protons and isotopes. What is evil about that?

If it appears you lack money, before you go to sleep imagine an image of prosperity. Be persistent and do this every night. Imagine, see and feel the reality of having, spending and giving the money to others. Live with that idea. Nourish it by not harboring any negative thoughts or criticism regarding the subject of money. Your imagining must be filled with conviction. The new pattern will penetrate the layers of your subconscious mind and eventually attract everything you are imagining. You are setting a law into motion. You cannot have wealth flow to you if you resent it flowing to another. When you are finished with your bedtime visualization, calmly state, "Infinite intelligence governs and watches over all my finances and I am prospering". Get out of the mental atmosphere of lack and limitation. Call on the powers of the subconscious to supply you with whatever you need to live in dignity and freedom.

Have a great weekend~

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