Monday, June 15, 2009

You Have Power Against Negativity

How can we be hurt if we are master of our thoughts, reactions, and emotions? Emotions follow thoughts, and we have the power to say no to anything that may work against our nature. It is helpful to create a psychic shield as a tool for keeping negative energy out of your experiences. Take the time to sit down in a comfortable chair and turn off all the phones. What you are going to do is go mentally down to your basic level. Watch yourself take one, two and then a third step downward. See your body before you. Now create a powerful shield of light and allow it to completely envelop your body. It is helpful at this moment to mentally say to yourself, "I have a powerful and positive light protecting me." The Light will repel all negative energies from programming the mind. The best life to live is one that is shielded from negative energy, whether it be your own or another intelligence. You can always say NO! when you do not want a negative thought or energy near you. I recommend that you always say thank you for any type of work using the Light.

There is something else you can do that works just as effectively. From reports that I receive from others, it appears as if dark forces are working overtime. This happens when people are in a state of turmoil, uncertain about the future...fearful.
The problem with this unwanted energy is that it attracts lower entities that are earthbound. This is nothing new and has been prevelant since the beginning of creation. Here again, the best defense is to count your self quickly down the three steps to the basic psychic level and point your finger if you intuitively sense that negativity is near you and snap your fingers at the negative energy. Point and snap your fingers and say, "shrink". If you do this with determination and confidence, it will start shrinking immediately. I would do the point, snap and shrink at least one more time to make certain the energy disappears.

I have done exorcisms during the years. Usually if a person has an encounter with a negative entity it is because the target has lost control due to alcohol, drugs, or depression. Many people invite negative entities through ignorance. If you are a fearfilled person, you are so intimadated that you will likely allow negative energy to enter your body. Some people have rips or defects in their aura due to a grave personality defect such as schizophrenia. The best choice is to learn to be in control. To be in control, acknowledge that your energy can be invaded and even possessed by unwanted energies if you are not alert to strange possibilities. You must take charge. Every person is an energy source whether they are in a body or in the subtle worlds. What is of the greatest concern, by the way, is the negative energy you generate. Anything you create sticks with you unless you take deliberate action to be rid of it. This is why I will remain with the subject of energy and the subconscious part of the mind longer than I had anticipated because more people need this information. We can override the negative with massive positive energy.

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