Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Magic Power of the Word "Wealth"

Mark Twain confided to the world on many occasions that he never worked in his life. All his humor and all his great writings were due to the fact that he tapped the inexhaustible reservoir of his subconscious mind. Perhaps, all of us need to put more faith into the subconscious powers to make us whole and to even bring us out of financial difficulties. To be wealthy, we must build into our mentality the idea of wealth and abundance. The very rich focus on wealth and thus they have it. Most of us do not, particularly if we are on the spiritual path or path of service. This is a mistake that I have made and many like me. The plan is to transform this mind set into something that will benefit everyone. We can have wealth, everything we need if our attitude is to claim it for the highest good of all. While creating, let us create plenty to spare.

Develop a feeling of wealth and look at your subconscious as a bank, a universal, endless financial institution. We can magnify its contents whenever we deposit or impress upon it the idea of wealth or the idea of lack. We need to do more than state, "I am prosperous" because deep down if your current situation is not prosperous, you will feel like you are lying. You argue with yourself because it is not true. So...compose a specific statement that your subconscious won't argue with such as, "By day and by night I am being prospered in all my interests. If you are in sales for instance, a non-argumentative statement would be, "My sales are improving every day." When we are full of fear of losing our home or anything else, we are writing blank checks and attracting negative conditions. The subconscious takes the fear and negative statement as a request and proceeds in its own way to bring obstacles, delays, lack, and limitation into your life.

If we indulge in any fear thoughts prior or after our affirmation, results are neutralized. It is like planting a seed in the ground and digging it up. When you look at your bills state, "By day and by night I am prospered in all my ways." Be precise, be positive, be persistent and be patient. We have to convince the subconscious part of the mind that wealth is ours. It is energy...good energy for you and I to use. Also, do not criticize others who have more wealth than you do. Why? Envy stops wealth flowing to you. The real block or obstacle to wealth is in your own mind. Let's work together and destroy that mental block. Another suggestion is lull yourself to sleep with the word, "wealth." Say it over and over again. This is an easy way to tap the magic power of the subconscious. No longer say there is a shortage. No, No! The dominant idea should be wealth, not poverty. Sing the word, "wealth." Think of all the good we can do with prosperity!

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