Monday, June 22, 2009

Developing Your Psychic Ability

In prehistoric times, we all had psychic abilities. For the most part, they diminished as the process of physical evolution progressed. Although this happened, we do have some inner psychic ability which can be tapped into if that is our desire. Some people have this ability naturally and others require a certain amount of training for the power to make an impact in their lives. I look upon the psychic in a different light than enlightenment, the awakening of spiritual power, which is intuitive. The psychic deals more with the earth, astral and mental planes. Authentic spiritual power is grace, love and wisdom attained when linked with the higher planes such as the language of Light and interaction with the celestial worlds of luminous beings. Both are available to us and in most people, they need to be trained, disciplined, persevering and focused to achieve a state of mind that transcends ordinary thinking and feeling.

It is helpful to learn some of the many techniques available to us because they can provide protection, guidance, peace, grace and helpful insights. As long as our intent is good with no harm to any life form remains our focus. There are psychic sensitizing exercises that I will share. Some I have used with confidence and grace and others may be tried in the future. What I plan to do is share with you a combination of techniques from a variety of books and firsthand experience. In the Blogs on this site, I have written a great deal about the subconscious part of the mind. Developing your psychic sense is more than listening to hunches, which is very important, but also learning about our own capabilities to change things by listening to the higher part of the mind.

You always have a choice as to whether you really want to develop a certain area of your consciousness or to let it alone until a later time. Forgetfulness and laziness usually plays a part in any discipline. The psychic is the sixth sense and not really at the level for instance of inward sight, hearing and knowing that is part of the Sublime Realms of the Divine. The sixth sense is powerful, useful and uses your first five senses to enable you to experience the wondrous psychic dimension of your mind. You will learn enough to understand how to continue developing your abilities throughout the rest of your life. For some people it will be very easy because they already have attained great innate ability that is close to their conscious awareness. We are not all equal or identical in our innate psychic ability. Ability is determined by who you are. Those who practice more diligently are likely to develop faster and further than those who practice haphazardly or not at all.

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