Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ancient Times and Healing

People have believed through the ages in a healing power that could restore the body and mind. They believed that under special circumstances the power could be evoked. It was common to believe that it was the priests and holy men who possessed the power. Ceremonies, laying on of hands, incantations, amulets, talismans, rings, relics, images and supplications to God were the means to remove evil and bring about good. In ancient times, the priests in the ancient temples gave drugs to the patient and potent suggestions to the subconscious mind. They used weird and fantastic instructions as well as incense and oils usually out in the open under the moon. What the priest healers were obviously doing is making an appeal to the subconscious mind of the patient. Where medical skill often failed, suggestions worked because it fired the imagination of the patient. The result would be an emotional state, which triggered acceptance and belief.

The Bible mentions that when we pray believe that we receive and it will be done unto us. To be healed, the same steps are required. For instance, yesterday I woke up with a runny nose. It was nonstop. Strange part of this is that I haven't had a cold in about 18 years. Since I was writing about the subconscious this week, I followed my own suggestions. Everything abnormal was cleared by the time we were ready to have dinner. I planted a seed in the subconscious of perfect health and offered thanks assuming it was being immediately taken care of. As Jesus would say, "According to your faith is it done unto you". Faith is accepting it is being taken care of right now even though our reasoning and senses may deny the situation. What we do with our faith in any desire is to co-operate consciously with the subconscious part of the mind with expectancy, deep inner feeling and conviction that the situation will be resolved.

Jesus and other healers have stated to their patients not to discuss the healing because they may be subjected to skeptical and nasty comments from people who are unbelieving. If other people hurl thoughts of doubt and fear at you, the anxiety may undo what the subconscious has done. If there is an internal mental change, whether positive or negative, it will manifest in the body. It is an automatic response. The subconscious mind will respond to your belief whether you are with a healer, alone with your faith or at a shrine. Suggestion will also arouse the imagination and bring about a healing such as drinking a special water, reciting a specific prayer or touching an object that has been blessed. Imagination, expectancy and faith will create a healing. The healing will remain permanent only if you hold firmly onto your belief. This has and will continue to happen to people even if all the clinical tests previously proved negative.

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