Friday, June 5, 2009

Are Symbols Necessary for Healing?

There are many different approaches, techniques, symbols for personal transformation and healing. For some people affirmations do not work unless they have a symbol representing the goal to focus on while affirming their desire. It is true that energy symbols give direct instructions to your subconscious as a thought-form/vibration. In this way, the 'patient' does not need to use his imagination, only gaze at the symbol of what he desires. It is a quick, easy and usually effective because the person believes he is making contact with something tangible. His faith is projected on the symbol. For someone who has not strongly developed a faith in the Unseen, the seen will help. This is not a judgment but simply is a fact. There are moments when we are out of balance and staring at a symbol of what we desire regarding our own healing or another helps consciously and subconsciously. Symbols are part of the angelic or language of Light.

At some point in your journey inward, the symbols will be put aside for the most part. You will be confident in the truth that the healing principle is operative in people regardless of creed, color or race. You do not have to belong to some particular church or have a license to heal to participate in the healing process. Healing is a mental therapeutic procedure based on the truth that the infinite intelligence and power of your subconscious mind responds according to your faith. The greater your faith, the more evidence you will accumulate. What amazes me are the people who have not yet received evidence of this most wonderful power and they continue to believe with all their heart, mind and spirit. This is the meaning of the statement... believe you have received and you shall receive. It doesn't imply that we are naive or in denial; it simply means for most of us that there is one universal healing principle living in animals, plants, wind, earth, air and everything and everyone alive.

The infinite intelligence operates as instinct and the law of growth. Different forms of belief are found in all religions of the world. What do you believe about yourself, life and your purpose? Whatever you believe becomes your reality. Your belief is a tremendous power stored in the subconscious being distributed into every phase of your life as a result of your thinking and feeling habits. The belief of your mind is the thought of your mind. Even though this information is not new and most people are aware of it, many continue to undermine their lives by believing and wishing for things that will eventually hurt or harm them. All the reflections and reactions experienced are children of our thoughts. This in its self is hard to believe because it is very uncomfortable being responsible for what we create. Create we do....habitually. Many illnesses are caused by negative thoughts, stress and fear lodged in the subconscious. You can turn this around through understanding, accepting, loving and acting on the truth that the infinite power and intelligence within is a healing power and it has the capacity to heal all conditions.

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