Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Future is Ever Changeable

Nothing is predestined or set. Although we have urges that may sometimes predispose us in a certain direction, the outcome is definitely connected to will. The Akashic Records provide all of us with the very circumstances and events which will help our soul evolve and experience the greatest probability for success. What we need to remember is the application of what we know within to do. There always seems to be a gap between knowledge and application. Soul growth is more about what we do with what we know. Usually behind what we do is an ideal. A spiritual ideal causes us to be concerned about others and not only ourselves. We are constantly creating conditions upon what we created in the past leading to what we will experience in the future.

The soul, which is memory and mind, evolves eventually to an awareness of its true relationship with its spirit, higher Self, the God within. The Book of Life, Akashic Records, draws to the individual what it needs to continue its growth in consciousness. Sometimes, it may take several lifetimes of repetitive experiences to learn the lesson. The fact to remember is that there are potential patterns and our free will directs the energy. Our choices alter or change all effects. I would pay attention to your dreams. Many significant life events are first foreshadowed in our dreams. Even though this can happen, an individual's will can still change the event from manifesting. For example: I saw my daughter jogging on an isolated path in a wooded area during her lunch break. The next scene she was face down with leaves swirling around her. I called her at work and described the location in detail and she admitted that I just described the place where she jogs every day. She listened to the warning, changed the location and her life was spared. Another young woman running on the path shown in the dream was killed later that very same week.

What is most important is the effort we daily make in expanding our awareness of the living spirit, the higher Self. We always have a choice. Rather than the typical search for power, it is far more important and lasting to search and evolve through space and time as an awakened spiritual essence. Each life experience we are given a chance to be who we really are. What we choose to do does have an effect on the planet and its life. I believe that each of us has a particular mission to manifest. Consciously, we may not know what it is but if we pay close attention clues are waiting to be discovered. As we reach out to one another and connect, we cannot fail. The adventure we are living is sometimes troubling but if it pushes us to rediscover our purpose and enables us to find our true selves, it is worth the ride. How long will it take to reach our goal? It all depends on our free will.

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