Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Possibilities and Potentials of the Human Will

I have come to the conclusion that we are the ones who decide when we will be successful with a particular lesson. We really know deep within when it is time to look closely at an issue, handle it and then be free of it. A shift happens and we know we are ready to succeed. On a very subtle level, we actually maneuver our lives and all its activities in such a way that we are presented with the right conditions to bring out the greatest potential in soul awareness. What needs to be learned or balanced is actually orchestrated by the soul. This doesn't mean we are to be fixated on the goal and forget about the importance of "being". External accomplishments although wonderful are not how we measure our growth.

The plan is to be in attunement with the Creator. Part of this plan is to assist others in their process of becoming. The current evolutionary cycle is an extremely challenging one. As we meet our challenges with courage and faith, keep remembering that everything drawn to us had its origination in our past records, based upon how we responded to or disregarded universal laws. The universe helps us if we have chosen creative forces. If the motivation in the past was for selfish ends and focusing on materiality, the results are commonly different forms of discomfort and disease. The plan is to expand the soul, not shrivel it.

Many people judge that they are victims. Remember, there are no victims. The past may predispose humans to certain situations or events but if the ability to make the best of a bad situation is exercised the effect will be lessened. What happens to us is in a large part what we expect. Why not expect all? As all life, all force, all power, all everything, which is love, is God. I've been criticized for perennial hopefulness and have been told that I am in a state of denial and other nonsense. I fully believe we personally experience what we expect and ask for. With patience, we will eventually receive. It becomes very apparent that our future is not a matter of fate, chance or luck. Our future is dependent upon what we choose to do right now in the current situation. It is time more of us realize the power that comes from using our will and being responsible for the life that we choose to live.

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