Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why is There a Book of Life, an Akashic Record?

We have a universal mind, book of life or record, depending on how you think of it for the sole purpose of analyzing and keeping track of both individual and collective opportunities for growth. Our future is not set in stone. It manifests according to our choices. One choice leads to another and then another. Another way of saying this is that the outcome of our destiny is determined by how we use free will. Free will has access to an unlimited supply of data and information that will enable us to fulfill the purpose for which we originally chose to enter matter. We are very complex beings filled with conflicting emotions, behaviors and patterns so the outcome basically depends on us. Opportunities are always being presented to us. If we don't take advantage of them when they appear, it does not mean they are lost. Somewhere in time and space, they will again present themselves as an opportunity for further growth in consciousness.

Sometimes a soul becomes heavily bogged down with grief and responsibilities and as a result feel lost. The feeling of despair can create a situation where he or she is unable to continue to apply spiritual principles because of serious oppression. Even if the soul gives up, it is a temporary condition and greater opportunites will manifest in future life experiences. Our identity continues and as a result the soul's growth is an ongoing developmental process. Remember, the soul constantly meets itself. As I said in an earlier article, we generally 'pick up' where we left off in a future life experience. If more people understood the fact of the continuity of life, comprehending the process of soul evolution would be comforting and provide a hope that many do not experience. Evolution begins from the point where it left off.

Regardless of where your soul is located on the Ladder of Light, soul evolution, we have an opportunity to be a channel of the Creator's consciousness, activity and love. Growing in grace, knowledge and understanding is a step by step process. When our consciousness is open to living for the good of all, including the care of the earth, God's consciousness will manifest through us. There are so many wonderful peace groups all over the world. I do hope that the members understand that they must first find the peace in self before they can really impact others. We need to remind each other that we really know what to do with our lives. Problem is...there is a gap between knowledge and application. Look at freedom of will from the following perspective. Freedom of choice simply allows us to decide when we will be successful with a particular lesson. We will eventually be successful when we decide that it is time.

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