Monday, May 18, 2009

To Understand a Condition Become a Master of It

Our individual free will determines everything. Remind yourself periodically that no experience, urge, environment, or person is greater than your own will. For you to attain personal awareness, you have to stay with your intent. If you don't, hard lessons repeat themselves over and over again until they are learned. The quality of your life today is totally dependent on the choices you make and how you interact with others. Once the truth of this sinks in, you will no longer be stuck in time, a feeling that comes with ongoing repetition. Depending on the choices you make, you are led to a new crossroad and another set of possible experiences. The crossroads are cycles that provide possible development. It is always up to you. Outcome is always dependent on our choices. You do not have to be dependent on an existing pattern that is negative.

Wouldn't it be satisfying to create new patterns that fit our ideal? Nothing happens by chance. We write our book of life by the way we use truth, knowledge, wisdom and our dealings with people and challenges. Our soul history, Akashic Record, is a blueprint. It shows up in our fingerprints, blood type, astrology, iridology, the enneagram, numerology, dreams, self-hypnosis, personal imaginings and more. It probably is in our DNA. All the aspects of our life appear as a "hologram". Each piece contains the whole. Our personal aura is a manifestation of our soul history.It reflects our health and displays our moral stature. It is like a weather vane of the soul.

What we do in any given situation is prompted or brought into manifestation through our soul record. Even when we physically die, we leave an energy impression of our aura that can be accessed by a sensitive. Energy fields are emitted by everything including cities. Haven't you ever flown into a city and once you walk on the ground say to your self...'I do not like the energy'? The reaction can be just the opposite. I remember landing in a small city in Mexico knowing immediately I had been there before and the feeling was actually jubilant. The point I am attempting to make is that there are unseen forces which impact individual consciousness. Many of these forces consist of energy we have created in the past. The stronger our control of our feelings and choices, the less we will be influenced in a negative way or forced to repeat the unpleasant. We meet ourselves every day through the very impressions we have created in the universe's database. Understanding how impulses work, meaning continue to live, we can use tools such as meditation, prayer and chanting and make new choices and patterns and record a new film of time and space.

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