Friday, May 15, 2009

Tackling Your Own Archaeological Dig

When we start digging into the memories stored in the subconscious, it becomes obvious that our challenges today have their roots in choices and decisions made previously. Some teachers feel that if you go straight to God, the memories, karma that is considered bad, will automatically be removed without your going through therapy sessions or deep introspection. This does happen in rare cases. One time I offered a workshop on the power of the Holy Spirit. Many people came up to me to be touched and their healing were obvious to them as well as observers. I remember two men who had come together and their comments. They said that it felt like they were being washed clean...the feeling that all hindrances and impurities had dropped instantly away was their personal experience. They were obviously ready.

It is important that we take personal responsibility in shaping the course of our lives and the condition of the world around us. We do effect every soul we encounter and in this way we are 'co creators' in the unfoldment of destiny. Today, there are many people studying subjects that will help with soul progression. It is one thing to know, and quite another thing to put into daily practice what we do know. This is why a good teacher will suggest that a seeker have his or her own ideal and live life doing everything possible to reach the ideal. People usually blame others for their problems. Not so, we inherit most that happens from ourselves. For those of you who live with challenging personalities, try minimizes their faults and magnifying their virtues.

For you to be able to access your personal hidden records, realize that you must be sensitive and that it is difficult to interpret the records. You would have to be in a detached state of mind, your body at peace and unified with all parts of what you refer to as your self. Using your will and asking a specific question can be successfully done under the right conditions. The information must come through form. The form could be a dream, a vision, an intuitive thought, looking at a scene or hearing something that stimulates the hidden. The records are everywhere and will manifest through your consciousness by means of the five senses. Pay attention to what you say, hear, think and write. Why do you want information? Be very clear when you ask for it. The odds are the answers will come in symbolic form and require interpretation. It is your subconscious that gives you the symbols required to bring the information to the surface in your mind. We are essentially archaeological digs. Persistence and pure intent will get you through the layers of the past and find their way to the surface.

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