Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Am I To Do?

A simple question yet it can be very difficult to answer. Can we really go beyond the roles that we play in life, beyond the moods with which we tend to identify, beyond the ideas that we are inclined to defend? There are answers and some are more convincing than others. It boils down to our clearly understanding the question. We have to know how to dismantle a question to receive the right answer. Education definitely helps. Many people are philosophically illiterate or they refuse to look at the truth of an inner subconscious memory bank that is governing their lives. It is a struggle but we must reach beyond the patterns of the personality whether it is a current or past one. Learning to grow as a human being is one of the signs of a true education, a philosophy that works. It is easier for some people to live in blatant denial and suffer depression than to open the door to other possibilities and probabilities. If you are seriously on the path of self-awareness, you are always taxed, challenged and basically a warrior against ignorance on every level.

We not only feel the experiences of the past and present, we also experience subtle influences in the soul when it is in between earthly lives. We can actually learn focused lessons before returning to the earth and bring with us an expanded awareness. In between sojourns in consciousness manifest as strong, unconscious influences on an individuals personality, character, urges, desires, habits and even preferences. There is a purpose to what happens to us and trying to run away from it...gains nothing. Our birthright is WILL. It is the Will that makes us an individual, different from all other creatures. We need to scrutinize all aspects of what we call our self in order to become more at onement with the divine part of who we are. We do not lose being conscious of self; we enhance our consciousness. We also have strong planetary influences affecting our lives.

Every one of us is an integral part of the whole. As we become more in tune with our divine origins, this becomes obvious. Each soul has made a definite record and sometimes the thought and deed are equal in their intensity. We can by choice program and tap into our individual subconscious mind and gain access to everything from our past in the dream state. If a dream keeps repeating itself, pay close attention because it is more than likely a literal experience back in time and space. Since each individual is the sum total of all of his or her previous experiences, fragments of past-life memories frequently come to the surface when wide awake. Whenever we attempt to explore the endless possibilities regarding our own nature, we need to weigh all 'psychic' information against what we already know about ourselves. There are two things you can remember and do: 1, there are urges and emotions that are both latent and manifested operating in your consciousness all the time. 2, the inner computer database with its strong memories and patterns can be drawn upon at any time.

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